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​Representative greeting

In 2019, at the same time as applying for a patent that is the basis of this automatic translation smartphone application

Registered as a sole proprietor as Around Innovation.

Until the patent acquisition, we were doing non-face-to-face product sales using the Internet,

With the acquisition of a patent in March 2021 as a turning point, by realizing the originally envisioned app business,

Eliminate the negative effects of the "language barrier", daily life, shopping, employment, administrative procedures, etc.

As a communication tool between people with different languages related to

By attracting more people's attention, it promotes usage,

We hope that we can contribute to the development of the economy in the future.


​Representative Yuri Shibata






Solving problems related to life in the world

Notice the small things around you,

Making inconvenient things convenient one by one
Keep trying to change.




Seeing the world in a big way,

May many people become happy little by little

For business purposes.


​Business Overview

​ name

​Around Innovation




​柴田 ゆり


Higashi Nippori, Arakawa Ward, Tokyo

​Business description

・Development and sales of translation smartphone apps
・Manufacture and sale of accessories

・Production and sales of accessory materials

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